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Daily Journal Club


The group meets 8:30-9:00 am every day for a presentation by one member of the group who will showcase a manuscript of general interest. We disperse precisely at 9:00 am. This morning ritual has helped foster group cohesion and a superb work ethic. It has also improved reading comprehension and presentation skills, and the ability to deliver a focused message in 30 minutes.

We started this ritual on 1-12-2004 in UT-Dallas and had our first meeting in UMass Lowell on 2-20-2007.

Our Journal Club Room in Olney Hall 303

From left-right: Neha Manohar (freshman), Dr. Sanjeev Manohar, Sumedh Surwade , Srikanthrao Agnihotra, Akshay Phulgirkar, Srikanth Ammu, Sanjaykumar Patel (graduate students)

Chemical Engineering Seminar (Spring 2011)

Feb 10, 2011
Enzymatic Synthesis of Electrically Conducting Polymers
Mr. Ryan Bouldin
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Massachusetts Lowell

Feb 24, 2011
Business Mindset in a Science Environment
Mr. Kevin J. Bittorf
Associate Director CMC Process & Strategic Development
Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Mar 24, 2011
Biologically Inspired Strategies for Functional Materials Fabrication
Dr. Hyunmin Yi
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
Tufts University

Apr 7, 2011
Integrated Single-Cell Analysis for Immunologic Profiling
Dr. J. Christopher Love
Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Apr 14, 2011
Trend in Biopharmaceuticals: Micro- and Macroscopic Views
Dr. Seongkyu Yoon
Assiatant Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Massachusetts Lowell

Chemical Engineering Seminar (Fall 2010)

Sept 16, 2010:
Semiconductor Nanowires: A Platform for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
Dr. Charles M. Lieber
Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Harvard University
12 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138.

Sept 30, 2010
Towards the Development of Shape-Controlled Metal Alloy Nanocrytal Electrocatalysts  
Dr. Hong Yang
Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Rochester
253 Gavett Hall, Rochester, NY 14627.

Oct 7, 2010
Multifunctional Synthetic Nanoparticles for Vaccines and Immunotherapies
Dr. Lloyd Johnston
VP Pharmaceutical R&D
Selecta Biosciences
480 Arsenal St., Building One
Watertown, MA 02472.

Nov 4, 2010
Typical and Unusual Career Paths for a Chemical Engineer
Mr. Hemant Ajbani
Director, Systems Manufacturing, Contamination Control Solutions
Entegris, Inc.
129 Concord Road
Billerica, MA 01821. 

Nov 18, 2010
Flexibility in a career - from Nuclear Engineering to Biopharmaceutical QC
Dr. Joseph Molon Director, Systems Manufacturing, Contamination Control Solutions
Director, Quality Control
Biogen Idec, Campbridge Operations
Billerica, MA 01821. 

Chemical Engineering Seminar (spring 2010)

Feb 4, 2010
The wonders of one dimensional chemistry: carbon nanotubes for single molecule biodetection and energy applications
Professor Michael S. Strano
Charles and Hilda Roddey Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Feb 18, 2010
Part II: The Economics of Process Control
Mr. Don Clark
Vice President, Global Industry Solutions, Process

Mar 11, 2010
Successful Innovation: From Idea to Product
Dr. Jeff Fortin
Global Technology Leader
General Electric

Mar 25, 2010
Anti-icing Superhydrophobic Surface
Professor Di Gao
Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
University of Pittsburgh

Apr 8, 2010
Modeling Conformation and Toxicity of Amyloid-Forming Peptides
Professor Jie Zheng
Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
The University of Akron

Apr 29, 2010
Engineering the Assembly of Protein and Peptide Building Blocks
Professor Neel Joshi
Chemical and
Biological Engineering
Harvard University


Copyright 2005 Sanjeev Manohar

Copyright 2005 Sanjeev Manohar